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On-Site started in 1988 in Fort Worth, Texas.  Our first project was developing a point of sale program for a company that sold swimming pool parts.  Throughout the late 1980's and early 1990's, On-Site developed a wide array of skill sets.  Being in on the ground floor of the IT build up gave On-Site a unique advantage.  As IT grew out of the basements and garage's of its founders, businesses and people began to realize how important IT would be and On-Site was poised to be there with answers, support and forward thinking.


Since that humble beginning, On-Site has grown into the number one provider of IT consulting services in all of Texas.  Our clients come from business, health care, the financial world, manufacturing, sales, service and just about any other business you can think of.  Our technicians are as comfortable helping you get a merge file working as they are fighting off the hackers who are trying to steal your data.  When you call, you get a real person who will work to provide you with the most comprehensive and cost effective IT support you can find.


Our special relationship with Microsoft and IBM makes On-Site a powerful leader in IT.  On-Site is among the top Microsoft partners and often sought out by other IT companies for assistance with particularly difficult projects.  Remember, all it takes is...


One Call!  On Solution!  On-Site!

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