- Merrill Lynch - “In todays technologically advanced society, it’s vitally important that our data is secure.  On-Site manages our network security from both the inside and the outside and their service is impeccable.  I am confident that with the help of On-Site staff, our customers data is protected and will remain so against any known or any anticipated attack.”


Stan Davis

VP Southeast Texas Region



- Modern businesses simply cannot function without a reliable computer network.  On-Site Computer Solutions has provided us with complete management of our network for over seven years with no meaningful downtime.


- Tim Thompson

- Vice President

- Independent Surplus Underwriters, Inc.



Halifax Corporation - “We provide technical support services all around the world so we work with a lot of different tech groups from different countries.  In our office, we talk about how good the On-Site team is and what sets them apart from other IT staff.  Theses people really know their stuff.  When they walk in the door, you don’t hear the words ‘I don’t know’, you hear words like ‘Done, and fixed and is there anything else I can do to help’.  On-Site sets the bar high and we like it that way.”


Gary Cullen




LD Construction - “We began using On-Site and Clifton Poe in 1999 when we had problems with our backups.  Cliff and his company has been of immeasurable benefit since that time always answering our calls and always helping us when we need it.  I can say this is the best IT company I have ever encountered.”


Troy Dodson




These are honest people.  I mean you can trust them to do what they say, when they say.  IT is an unregulated industry and just anyone can hang out a shingle and say they can do IT but On-Site can REALLY do IT.  I’ve seen production time go through the roof and down time is a thing of the past.  If you aren’t using On-Site, you should be.


Todd Gorman

Executive Director

Gorman Uniform


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