You have found one of the oldest and most trusted IT consulting firms in Texas.  Originally founded in 1988, we have grown into the “go-to” company for all of your IT support solutions.  From small networks to large, our trained and experienced staff is ready to serve you and support you and make IT something that just works!  View our TESTIMONIALS page for what businesses and government agencies are saying about us and then give us a call.


Proudly serving all of Texas and sites all across the United States.

About Us

Think your business is too small to afford the best in IT consulting? Think again!  No matter the size of your IT infrastructure, 1 computer or 100,000, we can support you and will be happy to do so.

Call us for a quote on your next upgrade or for your new network installation.  Our services are second to none and in almost all cases, we offer the greatest return on your investment.

On-Site is a Microsoft Gold Partner as well as a Cisco Premier Partner.  These partnerships ensure that our staff is the most highly qualified and that you get the best support.

On-Site serves all business types, including legal, health care, education, oil and gas, manufacturing, services and retail.  If you need IT support, On-Site can help.

Our Staff

Nadia Moolla - Graduated from Johannesburg University in South Africa with a degree in Information Systems.  Nadia is a CCIE as well as an IBM ISA tech.  During her years at IBM, Nadia was a level three critical support analyst supervising a global services team of over 60 technicians supporting customers the world over.  Nadia acts not only as a senior support analyst for On-Site but she is also our CEO.


Eric Proellochs - Eric is a Microsoft Server and Active Directory expert with certifications in all flavors of Microsoft Server as well as being our resident Microsoft Exchange guru.  When not tweaking out an enterprise network, Eric works in our corporate infiltration department testing firewall security for banks, schools and military and government agencies.  Eric also supervises our large team of field technicians and remote support specialist.


Todd Maxey - Todd is the staff Linux, UNIX and alternative operating systems expert.  He is certified in Linux and UNIX as well as Beowolfe Clusters and advanced forms of multi-processing computing.  When he is not tying together fifty servers to track hurricanes, Todd serves as our resident ethical hacker, testing the work we have put in place to protect our clients from prying eyes and loss of data security.


Edward Weatherford - Edward is our staff senior programmer.  Ed codes in Java, C and C++ to name a few.  If we need middle-ware or a new app to do something, Ed can code it up like we write emails.  He’s fast, good and bloody hell expensive!  :)


Rhonda Nolen - Rhonda is a rare find in IT.  With a dual MBA and Computer Science degree from the University of Arizona, Rhonda is our senior project director.  When it comes to complex projects, deadlines, multiple vendors and technicians, everyone just looks to Rhonda and knows good things will happen.


Clifton Poe - Cliff started On-Site in 1988 in Fort Worth, Texas.  Cliff is a Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional with a specialty in Enterprise Administration.  In the more than 25 years in IT, Cliff has seen it all, done it all and fixed it all.  There are a small number of technicians in the industry with the depth and scope of skill possessed by Cliff.  He has even taken a couple of short stints off to work with other IT companies in an effort to improve their position in the industry.  When all else fails and no one knows what to do, Cliff gets the call and all is set right with the world.


In addition to the above, On-Site has immediate access to over 20 other technicians with specialties in every form of IT support currently known to the industry.  Although space does not permit a detailed analysis of their skill set, feel free to call and speak to any of our qualified staff.

Contact Us 2700 Post Oak Blvd. Houston, Texas 77056 713-517-7344 www.onsiteus.com info@onsiteus.com